DarkRatio WINS $15k Proving Grounds VALORANT Unleashed!

GG’s to Ange, geeza, Trick, LFT OXY, and drone – team DarkRatio – for climbing the ranks, bringing their A game, and walking away CHAMPIONS of the $15,000 Proving Grounds VALORANT Unleashed final event! It was a long and crazy weekend of VALORANT over here at BoomTV! As usual, the GOATS were out in force […]

Boom Car Wins TimtheTatman’s Tailgate Car Show!

Our very own Kyle Soo Hoo drove his Boom-wrapped car from California to Texas and walked away #1 at TimtheTatman’s Tailgate car show. Scholastic co-lead at American Video Game League (AVGL) Kyle Soo Hoo knew he had a sweet car…a Raven Black, 2022 Toyota GR86 Premium MT worthy of its own Instagram account…but how could […]

VOTE NOW for Best Warzone SNIPERS Clip!

Scope? No scope? All we need to know is that you do NOT want to be on the receiving end of this team’s sniper rifles! We’re always looking for fun new ways to compete in our favorite games, especially Warzone. This time, we decided to invite top players to duke it out, but they could […]

Tfue and Zemie are the HOT SHOT DUO CHAMPS!

Sixteen teams. $100,000. Zero Build Fortnite. Today, Tfue and Zemie reminded us all why they’re the best. BoomTV was proud to host Dr Disrespect’s $100,000 Hot Shot Duo Drop Zero Build tournament featuring Fornite! As always, the day was a never-ending stream of amazing plays, upsets, and more than a few laughs. In the end, […]

QuesadillaKittyCats Win East Coast Spring Showdown!

Meow! Congrats to all the winners of AVGL’s student-run East Coast Spring Showdown, including QuesadillaKittyCats, who – in addition to having an adorable team name – showed mad skills in Overwatch. East Coast Spring Shown was a two-day scholastic Overwatch tournament from April 23-24, 2022. The entire event was run by a team of students, […]

Horizon Union Moves On to the PG Apex Legends Finals!

Horizon Union lived up to its motto, “Go Beyond,” and took home the gold in our first Proving Grounds Apex Legends Qualifiers! On Tuesday, May 10th, EA dropped the 13th season of Apex Legends, called “Saviors.” BoomTV was ready to rock and invited teams to test their mettle with new challenges and the latest character, […]

NYSL WarzoneMania III Was 🔥

Two days. Eighteen teams. $50,000. NYSL WarzoneMania III was a good old-fashioned, wholesome bloodbath and we loved producing every minute. May 2nd and Tuesday, May 3rd, 18 teams including NYSL’s Aydan dropped into Rebirth Resurgence Quads Custom matches for glory and their share of the $50,000 prize pool! Some matches were close, others a landslide […]

Team Emsage Takes the Win!

Emsage, OEKIY, and abWizz emerged from the Charlie Intel Warzone tournament victorious…and $7,500 richer! Here are the top teams. Forty (40) teams dropped into Warzone yesterday for glory and their piece of the $15,000 prize pool. The sweatiest of the sweaty turned up with their squads and we knew this would be an event to […]