Share Your Best FALL GUYS CODE FREEDOM Clip, Win $$!

Want to win your share of $2,500? Share your favorite clip from the Army National Guard Fall Guys Code Freedom event! We’ll select the 10 best clips and award $250 to whoever submitting them! How to Enter: (for Twitter beginners and those without sufficient caffeine) Head over to the BoomTV Twitter. Reply to the post […]

60 Beans. $20k. Endless Freedom. 🦅

The Army National Guard Code Freedom Fall Guys tournament will pit 60 solo beans against each other for glory and their share of 20,000 big ones. Prepare yourself for a Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout game to remember! We’re gathering 60 amazing players in the name of freedom and your viewing pleasure. $20,000 Army National Guard […]

Clip of the Week: Hosted by a Toaster Oven?!

TGIF! It’s never NOT fun to watch a gamer rage, this StoneMountain64 “theory” about why he fell lives in our brains rent-free. It was the first-ever BoomTV Fall Guys $10,000 Ultimate Knockout Code Red tournament and StoneMountain64 was the friggin’ zone. Just as they thought he was locked in for a win, something unexpected happened […]