🤤🍬Host a Watch Party, Get a BUCKET of HI-CHEW!

College students! Host an Autumn Anarchy watch party on your campus and we’ll send you a bucket of HI-CHEW, the irresistibly chewy, fruity candy from Japan! October, i.e., eat all the candy month, is upon us, and so is Autumn Anarchy! If your Fortnite team is competing in the upcoming HI-CHEW Autumn Anarchy featuring Fortnite tournament, […]

JOIN US: HI-CHEW Autumn Anarchy feat. Fortnite!

College students! Register for the HI-CHEW Autumn Anarchy Qualifiers for a spot in the $10,000 Finals and spot in Code Red! Assemble your team because the students are about to become the masters. Join us on Friday, October 21st at 7 pm ET for an evening of fast-paced, high-stakes, zero build Fortnite action! The Autumn […]

AVGL x DreamHack Beyond Atlanta 2022!

AVGL and DreamHack have once again partnered up to bring the high school and collegiate community together for scholastic tournaments. Players who compete in the AVGL x DreamHack Beyond tournaments will have the opportunity to compete for cash prizing and various tickets for DreamHack Atlanta, happening November 18-20, 2022! There are two types of events: […]

Summer’s Heating Up with AVGL Weekly Events!

College students! Join us each weekday this summer for fun and prizes as we play League of Legends, SMITE, Fortnite, Warzone, Rocket League, and Valorant! Stay cool and show off your gaming skills with AVGL Weekly tournaments! These events are free to enter and open to college students enrolled in Spring, Summer, or Fall 2022 […]

Watch These Fortnite Teams Compete for $25k in the CLOUD!

That’s right, folks, these crack teams will be Fortnite Vibin’ from the comfort of wherever the heck they feel like tomorrow. It’s the $25,000 Xbox Cloud Gaming Mobile Invitational Featuring Fortnite! Tune in June 16th beginning at 3 pm EST – to catch all the action! Xbox Twitch | BoomTV Twitch Did you know that […]

Zero Build, Zero F*@ks: SPICY Hot Shot Duo Drop Moments!

Doc’s $100,000 Hot Shot Duo Drop Fortnite tournament was just the right kind of crazy – storm chasing, squad killing, running themselves over… here are some of our favorite moments! Sixteen (16) Hot Shot duos dropped into Fortnite for an all-out brawl that had us screaming, laughing, and clipping like crazy! What do you get […]

Clip of the Week: LEGIQN, WHY?!

We all get distracted sometimes. LEGIQN did during a $100,000 tournament and paid the price. In-game settings are super important. If you can’t hear your opponents sneak up on you or communicate effectively with your team, it can spell disaster. But as LEGIQN found out the hard way, adjusting settings in the middle of a […]

Tfue and Zemie are the HOT SHOT DUO CHAMPS!

Sixteen teams. $100,000. Zero Build Fortnite. Today, Tfue and Zemie reminded us all why they’re the best. BoomTV was proud to host Dr Disrespect’s $100,000 Hot Shot Duo Drop Zero Build tournament featuring Fornite! As always, the day was a never-ending stream of amazing plays, upsets, and more than a few laughs. In the end, […]