Finals Are Set for the $50,000 Apex Code Freedom!

The second round of qualifiers for the $50,000 Apex Legends Code Freedom was just as electric as the first, and the stage is now set for the grand finals. All three Stormpoint maps were utterly dominated by Spacestation Gaming, who were up a whopping 33 points at the mid tournament point. Game 4 went to […]

TUESDAY – Get Your A into Apex Legends Proving Grounds!

BoomTV’s 2nd Apex Legends Proving Grounds Qualifier kicks off on May 31st. Gather your squad and compete for a spot in the $5,000 finals! There is no better place right now than right here on our Proving Grounds to showcase your skills and get your name out there in the competitive scene. We often discover […]

Horizon Union Moves On to the PG Apex Legends Finals!

Horizon Union lived up to its motto, “Go Beyond,” and took home the gold in our first Proving Grounds Apex Legends Qualifiers! On Tuesday, May 10th, EA dropped the 13th season of Apex Legends, called “Saviors.” BoomTV was ready to rock and invited teams to test their mettle with new challenges and the latest character, […]