Boom Car Wins TimtheTatman’s Tailgate Car Show!

Our very own Kyle Soo Hoo drove his Boom-wrapped car from California to Texas and walked away #1 at TimtheTatman’s Tailgate car show.

Scholastic co-lead at American Video Game League (AVGL) Kyle Soo Hoo knew he had a sweet car…a Raven Black, 2022 Toyota GR86 Premium MT worthy of its own Instagram account…but how could he make it even sweeter? Wrap it in Boom signage, of course!

Boom car TimtheTatman Tailgate winner
Custom wrap by Speedpro Eastbay

From July 16-17, TimtheTatman’s Tailgate hosted a variety of competitions from Zero-Build Fortnite to a “Tim & Friends Look-a-like Contest” to a $25,000 car show. Kyle is very proud of his car, and for good reason. So, when he saw the opportunity to show that baby off at Tim’s event, Boom was proud to sponsor his adventure.

And thus, #BoomMobile was born!

Kyle drove the car approximately 1500 miles over the course of 3 days to bring it to Texas at Tim’s event! On the way, he lost a front splitter, had a tire issue in New Mexico, a suspension issue in Arizona, and managed to fix everything all on the way before arriving safe and sound in Frisco, TX.

Repping BoomTV, AVGL, and the Sugoi car club, Kyle’s GR86 made quite the impression! The “BoomMobile” was a great photo op for our frequent tournament players and contributors, like JaredFPS and Devise!

Up against hundreds of entries, people lined up to take pictures and vote for the “BoomMobile.” In the end, Kyle came out on top – taking home the $25,000 prize and championship belt!

“Thank you, Boom for supporting what I am allowed to do through esports to do random things like these car shows too – it’s hugely appreciated,” said Kyle. “And also, those people that I met at the car show because we ended up becoming really good friends!”

HUGE congrats to Kyle for the big win!

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