Zero Build, Zero F*@ks: SPICY Hot Shot Duo Drop Moments!

Doc’s $100,000 Hot Shot Duo Drop Fortnite tournament was just the right kind of crazy – storm chasing, squad killing, running themselves over… here are some of our favorite moments! Sixteen (16) Hot Shot duos dropped into Fortnite for an all-out brawl that had us screaming, laughing, and clipping like crazy! What do you get […]

Tfue and Zemie are the HOT SHOT DUO CHAMPS!

Sixteen teams. $100,000. Zero Build Fortnite. Today, Tfue and Zemie reminded us all why they’re the best. BoomTV was proud to host Dr Disrespect’s $100,000 Hot Shot Duo Drop Zero Build tournament featuring Fornite! As always, the day was a never-ending stream of amazing plays, upsets, and more than a few laughs. In the end, […]

Clip of the Week – Tfue Casually Wipes Three

YOU CAN’T DO THAT TO TFUE!! Check out this amazing moment from Dr Disrespect’s $100,000 Hot Shot Duo Drop Zero Build tourney! The heat was on and Tfue was right back in his element. Check out this moment when he makes quick work of three opponents: Sixteen teams dropped into Zero Build Fortnite in the […]

Meet the Hot Shot Duos for Dr Disrespect’s $100k Zero Build Tourney!

Sixteen Hot Shot Duos will drop into Zero Build Fortnite with the two-time, back-to-back 1993-1994 Blockbuster video game champion and $100,000 on the line. Who will rise victorious? When Dr Disrespect asked us to help run his Zero Build Fortnite tourney, naturally we agreed. How could we not? Of course, it took a couple of […]

Who’s the Biggest HOT SHOT Duo in Zero Build Fortnite?

Oh baby, baby, baby, it’s Dr DisRespect’s $100,000 Hot Shot Duo Drop in Zero Build Fortnite event! Which teams have what it takes to go up against the Two-Time? We’re gathering the best Fortnite duo teams for an action-packed Elimination Race with Dr DisRespect himself. Tune in May 27th at 1:00 p.m. PST and stay […]