Warzone Proving Grounds UPDATE!

If you’ve signed up for, or are thinking of signing up for Warzone Proving Grounds, make sure you check out this important message! Beginning September 1st, the previously scheduled Warzone Proving Grounds qualifiers will be transitioning into two open registration events per month. These qualifiers will no longer feature a qualifying aspect or finals. Those […]

Warzone Proving Grounds are BACK!

Sign up for Warzone Proving Grounds tournaments beginning August 12th. Gather your favorite Duo buddy and register before space runs out! Do you have what it takes to make it to the Warzone finals? Time to step up and find out! That’s right, BoomTV’s beloved Warzone Proving Grounds series returns with four qualifiers, each with […]

Clip of the Week: Up and Downed

Your Clip of the Week comes from Warzone Proving Grounds: Snipers Only, when Bartonologist stalked a helicopter. Proving Grounds is always good for some crazy moments, and this week was no exception! We challenged 30 trios to drop into Caldera with only sniper rifles and melee weapons. An extra prize was awarded to best clip, […]

VOTE NOW for Best Warzone SNIPERS Clip!

Scope? No scope? All we need to know is that you do NOT want to be on the receiving end of this team’s sniper rifles! We’re always looking for fun new ways to compete in our favorite games, especially Warzone. This time, we decided to invite top players to duke it out, but they could […]

Clip of the Week: JoeWo Toys with His Food

TGIF! Your Clip of the Week comes from Warzone Proving Grounds MNK/Controller 2v2 when JoeWo met a wily opponent… It was a Warzone game of epic proportions – each duo required one player to be on keyboard and mouse while the other used a controller. Cross-play in Warzone has often been the subject of debate […]

Summer’s Heating Up with AVGL Weekly Events!

College students! Join us each weekday this summer for fun and prizes as we play League of Legends, SMITE, Fortnite, Warzone, Rocket League, and Valorant! Stay cool and show off your gaming skills with AVGL Weekly tournaments! These events are free to enter and open to college students enrolled in Spring, Summer, or Fall 2022 […]

Top CRAZIEST BoomTV Moments from May!

From casual team wipes to a warcry that would startle Godzilla, May was full of unforgettable esports tournament moments. Members of our BoomTV team nominate their favorite tourney moments, as well as members of the community. If you would like to nominate a clip, share it with us on Twitter with the tag #BoomTVClipoftheWeek! Without […]

WATCH: Next Level – The Rise of zSmit!

By now, Warzone fans are pretty familiar with the incredible skills of zSmit, but did you know what he had to overcome to get here? Introducing the BoomTV original docuseries, Next Level! The very first episode is all about zSmit, an amazing Warzone player that we’ve had the honor of getting to know through our […]

Clip of the Week: Aydan’s WAR CRY

We heard a mighty roar in Warzone recently – wait, that’s not Godzilla, it’s AYDAN! Check out what happens when his team takes the W. The $50,000 NYSL WarzoneMania III event had no shortage of hype. One of our all-time favorite moments was Ayden and zSumit getting the job done and taking home the top […]

CRAZY $50K NYSL WarzoneMania III Highlights!

Running WarzoneMania with NYSL was a blast and a half – keep the hype alive with this highlight reel of amazing plays. Over the course of two days, 18 teams dropped into Rebirth Resurgence Quads Custom matches for glory and their share of the $50,000 prize pool. It’s clear to see why these players are […]