Horizon Union Moves On to the PG Apex Legends Finals!

Horizon Union Apex Legends

Horizon Union lived up to its motto, “Go Beyond,” and took home the gold in our first Proving Grounds Apex Legends Qualifiers!

On Tuesday, May 10th, EA dropped the 13th season of Apex Legends, called “Saviors.” BoomTV was ready to rock and invited teams to test their mettle with new challenges and the latest character, Newcastle. And answer, you did – we had 50 teams register for the event.

After some amazing gameplay, Horizon Union took the win and the top prize of $300. They also secured their place in our $5,000 Proving Grounds Apex Legends Finals on July 19th.

On a side note, Liphnn just joined Horizon Union last week and dominated with the most kills (16). You can say he’s off to a great start – GGs!

Proving Grounds Apex Legends

5/10 Apex Legends Scrims Winners

First Place – Horizon Union

  • ZeroNothing
  • liphnn
  • Mimu24

Second Place – Guild Esports

David Beckham’s Apex Legends team graced us with their presence, and their performance did not disappoint. These players have also secured their place in our $5,000 Proving Grounds Apex Legends Finals:

  • MaTaFe_
  • tylerfps
  • gracefulfps

Want Your Chance to Shine? Join Us for the Next Proving Grounds Apex Legends Qualifiers on May 31st!

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