NYSL WarzoneMania III Was 🔥

WarzoneMania III NYSL

Two days. Eighteen teams. $50,000. NYSL WarzoneMania III was a good old-fashioned, wholesome bloodbath and we loved producing every minute.

May 2nd and Tuesday, May 3rd, 18 teams including NYSL’s Aydan dropped into Rebirth Resurgence Quads Custom matches for glory and their share of the $50,000 prize pool! Some matches were close, others a landslide – but always entertaining! These teams gave it their all.

WarzoneMania III Winners, Day One (1):

  1. Team Aydan – $10,000
  2. Team JoeWo – $6,000
  3. Team Swagg – $4,000
  4. Team UnRationaL – $3,000
  5. Team Jukeyz – $2,000

The leaderboard:

WarzoneMania III Day 1 leaderboard

Per NYSL: “We promise WarzoneMania III isn’t rigged – Aydan‘s just that cracked.” lol! They’re not wrong…

Then it was on to day two and everyone hit the ground the running. This time, the top teams from five matches would each take home $5,000. Prize stacking was allowed, so it was anyone’s game!

As you can see, UnRationaL’s team took full advantage of this – stacking two wins with the one prior for a total of $13,000! GGs!

WarzoneMania III Winners, Day Two (2):

Match One (1): Team Aydan

Matches Two (2) and Three (3): Team UnRationaL

Match Four (4): Team Blazt

Match Five (5): Team Flxnked

You can check out the brackets here on BoomTV and rewatch the entire event on the official NYSL Twitch channel! Thanks to everyone to participated, watched, and help produce this monster of an event. Until next time…

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