Lost Ark Week 3 Winners!

Well look at the big wins on these teams! They move on to the $5,000 Lost Ark Proving Grounds main event. GGs! Another week, another set of winners in the weekly Qualifiers! Lost Ark Proving Grounds Qualifier Week 3 Champs: North America FIRST PLACE: TEAM AVERSE SECOND PLACE: LOSER’S POV THIRD PLACE: UNLUCKY Boy those […]

Jukeyz and Fifakill Won $66,000!

Jukeyz and Fifakill climbed the bracket in TimtheTatman’s $150,000 2v2 Kill Race to take it all. Check out all the winners! TimtheTatman invited thirty-two (32) sweaty Warzone duos to drop into Caldera and dominate for their piece of the $150,000 prize pool. The first day of the event saw everyone duke it out and the […]

Week 2 WINNERS! Lost Ark Proving Grounds Qualifiers

Gaze in amazement at these brave fighters from across the globe – showcasing their skills and winning BoomTV’s 2nd Lost Ark Proving Grounds Qualifiers! Qualifiers raged on into week two, with teams from North America and Europe duking it out in a 3v3 bracket for bragging rights, cash prizes, and their spot in the $5,000 […]

Beyold! The Winners of our FIRST Lost Ark Proving Grounds Qualifiers!

Here ye! Here ye! These great warriors from the far away lands of NA and EU showed their prowess and won BoomTV’s very first Lost Ark Proving Grounds Qualifiers! Qualifiers week one was a good time, with teams from North America and Europe duking it out in a 3v3 bracket for bragging rights, cash prizes, […]

Zamzah and Vapulear are the $50,000 Caldera Challenge CHAMPS!

The $50,000 Caldera Challenge Finals was one of the craziest Warzone tournaments we’ve ever run! After one of the longest bracket runs of the event, Zamzah and Vapulear rose victorious. We’ve seen some sweaty competitions in our day, but man, oh, man nothing compares to the Caldera Challenge Finals! It’s all been leading up to […]

👑 All Hail the Winning Women of Warzone!

Twenty-five female trios dropped into Warzone today and showed the world how deadly they could be. Find out who rose victorious in the BoomTV Women of Warzone tournament. March is Women’s History Month. Here at BoomTV, we are lucky to work so many talented female gamers every month, often every week. But what a great […]

Here’s Who Moves On to the $50,000 Caldera Challenge Finals

Thirty-two teams duked it out in the BoomTV Caldera Challenge Qualifier 3. See which players rose to the top and which teams will move onto the $50,000 Finals! Nearly 100 teams have dropped into Caldera to battle their way toward a $15,000 prize pool and their chance at the Finals. It’s been a wild ride […]

FaZe is Your $15,000 Valorant Proving Grounds Champs!

Whew, what a ride this event series has been! After three qualifiers and three intense days of finals, FaZe Clan came out on top. Plus, find out who was named MVP! It all started March 7th with BoomTV’s first-ever Valorant Proving Grounds Qualifier event. We gave sixteen (16) teams the chance to show off their […]

These Players ‘Swagg’-ered Off With KILLER PCs!

Swagg’s Race to PC Presented by SCUF Controllers was amazing to behold. Over 3,000 players registered, but only 2 dominated Warzone to walk away with PCs from Paradox Customs. It was an honor, as always, to host amazing streamer events for pros like Swagg. Last weekend was insane. When I asked Mazida how many people […]

These APEX Players Proved Themselves Worthy…

…of the APEX LEGENDS Proving Grounds Finals! After three sweaty Season Six qualifier events, these champs will move on to the Finals in search of glory and their share of $5,000. Let’s face it – it’s not easy getting noticed as a streamer or aspiring esports pro. That’s why the BoomTV Proving Grounds esports series […]