QuesadillaKittyCats Win East Coast Spring Showdown!

Overwatch Jetpack cat

Meow! Congrats to all the winners of AVGL’s student-run East Coast Spring Showdown, including QuesadillaKittyCats, who – in addition to having an adorable team name – showed mad skills in Overwatch.

East Coast Spring Shown was a two-day scholastic Overwatch tournament from April 23-24, 2022. The entire event was run by a team of students, as their final assignment from AVGL Academy. The event was open to high school and college students ages 13+ on the East Coast of the U.S. and Canada.

Roughly 250 players participated, thanks to the marketing efforts of students Mitra, Danil, and Sai!

There Can Be Only One…Well, Three

High School and College students brought their A-game and competed across the brackets in pursuit of the win.

Santa’s Workshop never dropped a map until the semi-finals but still came out with a 2-1 lead in semi finals! That’s when QuesadillaKittyCats swept in with an upset and came out in first! Third place came down to a super close match-up between 4722 and igloo dwellers. GG’s, everyone!

East Coast Spring Showdown Winners:

1st place: QuesadillaKittyCats with a map record of 11 maps won / 1 map loss

2nd Place: Santa’s Workshop with a map record of 8 maps won / 4 map loss

3rd Place: 4722 Peak with a map record of 8 maps won / 2 map loss

How to Participate in Scholastic Esports

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