60 Beans. $20k. Endless Freedom. 🦅

The Army National Guard Code Freedom Fall Guys tournament will pit 60 solo beans against each other for glory and their share of 20,000 big ones. Prepare yourself for a Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout game to remember! We’re gathering 60 amazing players in the name of freedom and your viewing pleasure. $20,000 Army National Guard […]

How to Get the Splitgate Rhino Dawn Armor

Get the never-released Rhino Dawn armor on Tuesday, August 9th by watching the $20,000 Code Red Splitgate No Portals tournament! Something very interesting is happening in Splitgate! 1047 Games is running a limited time No Portals Featured Playlist from Friday, August 5, 9am PT to Wednesday, August 10, 9am PT. During this time, you can […]

Clip of the Week: Questionable Campers

The first Code Red event of 2022 was fire and it’s hard to pick just one moment to highlight. However, this clip, when QRISSY did a bit of camper extermination still has us rolling. After she dispatches a couple of camping snipers, they complain that SOMEONE IS CAMPING ON THE ROOF. HA From the $20,000 […]