Clip of the Week: Up and Downed

bartonologist helicopter clip

Your Clip of the Week comes from Warzone Proving Grounds: Snipers Only, when Bartonologist stalked a helicopter.

Proving Grounds is always good for some crazy moments, and this week was no exception! We challenged 30 trios to drop into Caldera with only sniper rifles and melee weapons. An extra prize was awarded to best clip, because as they say, “video or it didn’t happen!”

Well, here’s your proof!

Watch Bartonologist win Best Sniper Clip:

What a tourney! In the end, it was bbreadman’s team that brought home the win and $300. Bartonologist’s team might have come in 16th for kills, but he won the $20 Top Sniper Clip prize! GG’s, everyone!

You can see the standings HERE.

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