Share Your Best FALL GUYS CODE FREEDOM Clip, Win $$!

Want to win your share of $2,500? Share your favorite clip from the Army National Guard Fall Guys Code Freedom event! We’ll select the 10 best clips and award $250 to whoever submitting them! How to Enter: (for Twitter beginners and those without sufficient caffeine) Head over to the BoomTV Twitter. Reply to the post […]

BoomTV News: Doc, Doc, and DMZ

This week in BoomTV News, Dr Disrespect gets his own quest in NBA 2K23, tests gravity in his game DEADROP, while Activision tries extraction. We’re always on the lookout for amazing and wacky clips from the world of gaming esports! Here’s what we found this week: The Two-Time Joins NBA 2K All-Star hopefuls playing NBA […]

Clip of the Week: JoeWo Toys with His Food

TGIF! Your Clip of the Week comes from Warzone Proving Grounds MNK/Controller 2v2 when JoeWo met a wily opponent… It was a Warzone game of epic proportions – each duo required one player to be on keyboard and mouse while the other used a controller. Cross-play in Warzone has often been the subject of debate […]

Clip of the Week: LEGIQN, WHY?!

We all get distracted sometimes. LEGIQN did during a $100,000 tournament and paid the price. In-game settings are super important. If you can’t hear your opponents sneak up on you or communicate effectively with your team, it can spell disaster. But as LEGIQN found out the hard way, adjusting settings in the middle of a […]

Clip of the Week: ScummN Slap Fest

What did the five fingers wrapped around a rifle say to the face? Watch as ScummN takes his violent tendencies out on some hapless Warzone players! It was TimtheTatman’s $150,000 2v2 Kill Race and some of the world’s top Warzone players were giving the performances of a lifetime. Among them was ScummN, who was so […]

Top 5 Craziest BoomTV Moments in March

From unbelievable Aces to sneaky shenanigans, March was chock full of amazing and hilarious moments that earned their spot as BoomTV Clip of the Week. Join us as we relive the magic… No matter how long we have been producing esports tourneys, you, the players, never cease to impress. The sheer amount of crazy moments […]

Clip of the Week: It’s Mazida RUUUUUUNNN!!!

TGIF, good buddies! It’s time once again for a highlight from our week of crazy esports tournaments. This time, it’s our very own Mazida who encountered so many Warzone players in Proving Grounds that it looked a bit like a zombie movie! BoomTV believes that everyone deserves a shot at esports infamy – that’s why […]