Clip of the Week: Aydan’s WAR CRY

aydan warzone

We heard a mighty roar in Warzone recently – wait, that’s not Godzilla, it’s AYDAN! Check out what happens when his team takes the W.

The $50,000 NYSL WarzoneMania III event had no shortage of hype. One of our all-time favorite moments was Ayden and zSumit getting the job done and taking home the top prize. You can just feel their energy!

Watch the YouTube Shorts Clip:

This isn’t the first time Aydan’s antics have earned him a spot on BoomTV’s Clip of the Week. His brutal finishing move during the $15,000 Charlie Intel Warzone tournament also caught our eye. Considering his org – NYSL – hosted the event, it was a good thing he rose to the occasion! (As if we had any doubts).

Keep it here for more high-energy, sweaty Warzone competitions!

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