WATCH: Next Level – The Rise of zSmit!

Rise of zSmit trailer

By now, Warzone fans are pretty familiar with the incredible skills of zSmit, but did you know what he had to overcome to get here?

Introducing the BoomTV original docuseries, Next Level! The very first episode is all about zSmit, an amazing Warzone player that we’ve had the honor of getting to know through our tournaments.

This young Call of Duty player seemingly appeared and dominated out of nowhere. To learn more about him, we sent the BoomTV crew to New Jersey to meet zSmit in person. What we learned is that behind every killer play was a kid who was just struggling to overcome unbelievable odds.

Watch: Next Level – The Rise of zSmit

zSmit’s story is incredibly inspiring and shows us all that you can’t give up. If you want to see more this guy’s crazy skills, you can catch him in many of our Warzone tournaments and on his Twitch channel. Show him some love!

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