Top CRAZIEST BoomTV Moments from May!

craziest boomtv moments

From casual team wipes to a warcry that would startle Godzilla, May was full of unforgettable esports tournament moments.

Members of our BoomTV team nominate their favorite tourney moments, as well as members of the community. If you would like to nominate a clip, share it with us on Twitter with the tag #BoomTVClipoftheWeek!

Without further ado, here are the four craziest moments for BoomTV in May:

#4 – $100,000 Hot Shot Duo Drop – Tfue Casually Wipes Kills 3

Hot Shot Duo Drop winner Tfue was in his element during Dr Disrespect’s big Zero Build Fortnite tournament. Bots should know better than to rush this guy! Watch him make it look easy:

#3 – $10,000 Valorant Proving Grounds – King’s Konga Line of Kills

The $10,000 Proving Grounds Valorant Main Event was chock fullof crazy moments like this one – lining up perfectly for King to take them out. This is why you should always be ready for action:

#2 – $50,000 NYSL WarzoneMania III – Aydan’s WAR CRY

The $50,000 NYSL WarzoneMania III event had no shortage of hype. One of our all-time favorite moments was Ayden and zSumit getting the job done and taking home the top prize. You can just feel their energy!

#1 – $50,000 NYSL WarzoneMania III – Bread is BAD For You!

bbreadman pulled off an incredible 360 quickscope during the NYSL WarzoneMania III event that now lives in our brains rent-free. And now it lives in yours…

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Which was YOUR favorite? Stay tuned each Friday as we post a new BoomTV Clip of the Week!

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