Top CRAZIEST BoomTV Moments from May!

From casual team wipes to a warcry that would startle Godzilla, May was full of unforgettable esports tournament moments. Members of our BoomTV team nominate their favorite tourney moments, as well as members of the community. If you would like to nominate a clip, share it with us on Twitter with the tag #BoomTVClipoftheWeek! Without […]

CRAZY $50K NYSL WarzoneMania III Highlights!

Running WarzoneMania with NYSL was a blast and a half – keep the hype alive with this highlight reel of amazing plays. Over the course of two days, 18 teams dropped into Rebirth Resurgence Quads Custom matches for glory and their share of the $50,000 prize pool. It’s clear to see why these players are […]

Clip of the Week: Bread is BAD for You

Your BoomTV Clip of the Week comes courtesy of someone more deadly than gluten. bbreadman pulled off an incredible 360 quickscope during the NYSL WarzoneMania III event that now lives in our brains rent-free. It was the $50,000 NYSL WarzoneMania III event, and bbreadman showed up to kick ass and chew bubblegum…but he was all […]