Clip of the Week: JoeWo Toys with His Food

JoeWo toys with food

TGIF! Your Clip of the Week comes from Warzone Proving Grounds MNK/Controller 2v2 when JoeWo met a wily opponent…

It was a Warzone game of epic proportions – each duo required one player to be on keyboard and mouse while the other used a controller. Cross-play in Warzone has often been the subject of debate in terms of fair play. So, to see highly skilled duos each playing on both mouse and controller made things really interesting.

JoeWo and bbreadman climbed up the bracket no problem, which ultimately led to our Clip of the Week. It was down to the last two players – JoeWo and Deeeztroyyy – and what happened next caused quite the stir among our casters…

Check it out:

“What are we looking at and why am I casting over this right now?” LOL Looks like a game of cat and also cat.

In the end, here were the winners of our Warzone Proving Grounds 2v2 MNK/Controller tournament:

  • 1st: JoeWo | bbreadman
  • 2nd: Deeeztroyyy | Braalik
  • 3rd: har7y2k | Walkeeerrr

It was a fun time – GGs, everyone! You can rewatch all the action on BoomTV’s Twitch Channel.

Do you tune into or participate in BoomTV tournaments? Nominate your favorite moments for Clip of the Week by tagging them on Twitter – #BoomTVClipoftheWeek! PLUS be sure to check out tons of moments like these on our YouTube channel!

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