Top 5 Craziest BoomTV Moments in March

From unbelievable Aces to sneaky shenanigans, March was chock full of amazing and hilarious moments that earned their spot as BoomTV Clip of the Week. Join us as we relive the magic… No matter how long we have been producing esports tourneys, you, the players, never cease to impress. The sheer amount of crazy moments […]

Clip of the Week: Summit1g, the Scoundrel Below Deck

TGIF, weirdos! Today’s BoomTV Clip of the Week comes from the $35,000 Game Pass Has PC Games Sea of Thieves Invitational, where Captain Summit1g leaves Doc a little present and ALMOST gets away with it. The Sea of Thieves Invitational was a real, swashbuckling hoot, with tons of surprises for our intrepid buccaneers. Summit1g has […]

Yaargh! These Be Yer Sea of Thieves Captains! ☠

Captain on deck! Polish that eye patch, grab that rum and get ready as these five Sea of Thieves captains take on the $35,000 Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational. On Friday, April 1, 2022, Microsoft, Rare, and BoomTV are proud to host a swashbuckling tournament to remember. Five invited captains choose their own crews […]

Set Sail For the $35,000 Game Pass Has PC Games Sea of Thieves Invitational!

Shiver me Timbers! Get ready for some seriously fun swashbuckling action this Friday for the $35,000 Game Pass Has PC Games Sea of Thieves Invitational. PLUS – HB’s favorite grog recipe! Five captains will take to the seas for their piece of the $35,000 booty. Tune in Friday, April 1, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. on […]