Top 5 Craziest BoomTV Moments in March

BoomTV March moments

From unbelievable Aces to sneaky shenanigans, March was chock full of amazing and hilarious moments that earned their spot as BoomTV Clip of the Week. Join us as we relive the magic…

No matter how long we have been producing esports tourneys, you, the players, never cease to impress. The sheer amount of crazy moments inspired us to start a new series called “Clip of the Week.” The hardest part is picking the most memorable moment out of thousands!

BoomTV crazy moments
How I picture Mazida watching your crazy plays every week

Members of our BoomTV team nominate their favorite tourney moments, as well as members of the community. If you would like to nominate a clip, share it with us on Twitter with the tag #BoomTVClipoftheWeek!

Without further ado, here are the five craziest moments for BoomTV in March:

1: zSmit Gets Surrounded, Doesn’t Break a Sweat

During the Caldera Challenge Qualifier, zSmit became a prime target for competitors, but quickly showed us why you should never push him into a corner.

2: Crunchy Wastes No Time

It was the last day of the BoomTV Valorant Proving Grounds Qualifiers on March 10th – the pressure was on, and Teal Seam was moving in…but Crunchy was there to carry his team to the Finals!

3. Faze BabyBay

It was the first map of the $15,000 BoomTV Valorant Proving Grounds Grand Finals. FaZe Clan and G2 faced off in a clash of the esports titans. babybay didn’t know the meaning of hesitation: he ran in, took out four players in a flawless play, and his teammate Quan took out a fifth. It all happened so fast, but it put FaZe in a 5-1 lead and won them the finals.

4. No one expects the fifakill death balloon!

It was the BoomTV Caldera Challenge Third Qualifier. Fifakill took advantage of Warzone’s new redeploy balloon – riding it high in the air and dropping on a player trying to complete a Recon Contract. GG!

5. Summit1g drew WHAT?

Summit1g has gained a reputation for sneaking onto other people’s ships, and there was NO way he would let Dr Disrespect sail his waters without paying him a little visit.

Sure enough, he snuck on board, stole the chest, and after leaving a little (ahemm) choice art on Doc’s map, he dives into the waves for a quick getaway. Unfortunately for him, Sugarsockzgg is a crack shot. SO close!

Which was YOUR favorite? Stay tuned each Friday as we post a new BoomTV Clip of the Week!

Until next time…

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