Clip of the Week: ScummN Slap Fest

ScummN beatdown TN

What did the five fingers wrapped around a rifle say to the face? Watch as ScummN takes his violent tendencies out on some hapless Warzone players!

It was TimtheTatman’s $150,000 2v2 Kill Race and some of the world’s top Warzone players were giving the performances of a lifetime. Among them was ScummN, who was so super serious about eliminating the opposition that at one point in the game, he didn’t bother with bullets.

Does ScummN need anger management or is he just brutal? You decide!

Dang, son!

Tim’s event was a huge success and a whole lot of fun to witness first-hand. All 32 teams brought their A-game. ScummN, together with UnrationaL, took home 2nd place and $33,000!

You can check out all the winners and their prize money HERE.

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