These 10 Teams Are Moving On to the Code Freedom Apex Grand Finals!

1 Optic (78) 2 BOSH (67) 3 VZC (57) 4 100T (55) 5 E6 (50) 6 Moise (41) 7 Tripods (37) 8 Corpa (36) 9 BRD (34) 10 NRD (30)

It was an afternoon of surprises in the first Code Freedom Apex qualifier, with no shortage of entertainment over the 6-game series. Kills earned teams 1 point, and a sliding scale for match placements determined who would be the overall winner, with the top 10 teams qualifying for the Grand Finals.

Game 1 came down to a Moist Esports vs. 100T showdown for first, and despite Moist’s best efforts, the Thieves came out on top. It was BOSH vs. Moist at the end of game 2, and Moist not only took it all, but placed consistently through the tournament despite connecting to New York servers from all the way in Australia.

100 Thieves came back strong in game 3, defeating NICKMERCS’ “Los Tripodos” trio at the end of the circle, while Cloud 9 came back strong on World’s Edge after a quiet showing on Storm Point to win game 4.

Game 5 was a massive win for Optic Gaming, dominating World’s Edge and coming out on top of a three team panty raid against BOSH and Element6. And after a middling start, VZD made an incredible comeback game 6 and even whipped out Rampart’s minigun to launch themselves all the way to third place.

Ultimately it was Optic who took home first place with an impressive 78 points. The Code Freedom Apex series hosts an enormous $75,000 prize pool, with $10,000 for each of the two qualifiers, $5,000 for open tournaments (next one is Oct. 25th!), and a whopping $50,000 for the Grand Finals, Nov. 9th.

Code Freedom Apex Winners:

1st – Optic: $5,000

CHAMPIONS: Skittlecakes, KNOQD, Dooplex

2nd – BOSH: $3,000

SECOND: Tylerfps, Matafe, Unlucky

3rd – VZD: $1,500

THIRD: Gdolphin, Vjeix, Zaine
  • 4th – 100T
  • 5th – E6
  • 6th – Moist
  • 7th – Tripods
  • 8th – Corpa
  • 9th – BRD
  • 10th – NRG
  • Apex Predator – SkittleCakes (19 kills): $500

10 additional teams will join them after the next round of qualifiers, Oct. 26 at 4pm EST. You can catch today’s replay here and the tourney standings here. And don’t miss the Code Freedom Apex Grand Finals, November 9th. Who will be the grand champion and take home a piece of the massive $50,000 prize pool?

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