Warzone Proving Grounds are BACK!

Sign up for Warzone Proving Grounds tournaments beginning August 12th. Gather your favorite Duo buddy and register before space runs out! Do you have what it takes to make it to the Warzone finals? Time to step up and find out! That’s right, BoomTV’s beloved Warzone Proving Grounds series returns with four qualifiers, each with […]

How to Get the Splitgate Rhino Dawn Armor

Get the never-released Rhino Dawn armor on Tuesday, August 9th by watching the $20,000 Code Red Splitgate No Portals tournament! Something very interesting is happening in Splitgate! 1047 Games is running a limited time No Portals Featured Playlist from Friday, August 5, 9am PT to Wednesday, August 10, 9am PT. During this time, you can […]

Clip of the Week: Up and Downed

Your Clip of the Week comes from Warzone Proving Grounds: Snipers Only, when Bartonologist stalked a helicopter. Proving Grounds is always good for some crazy moments, and this week was no exception! We challenged 30 trios to drop into Caldera with only sniper rifles and melee weapons. An extra prize was awarded to best clip, […]

Introducing: Valorant UNLEASHED!

Brush up those skills, Agents, because the next round of Valorant Proving Grounds is here – and you’re gonna want a seat in the $15,000 main event! It’s that time again – time for you to PROVE yourself in the world famous, nobody-does-it-better Proving Grounds tournament series from BoomTV. (And we are incredibly modest about […]

Boom Car Wins TimtheTatman’s Tailgate Car Show!

Our very own Kyle Soo Hoo drove his Boom-wrapped car from California to Texas and walked away #1 at TimtheTatman’s Tailgate car show. Scholastic co-lead at American Video Game League (AVGL) Kyle Soo Hoo knew he had a sweet car…a Raven Black, 2022 Toyota GR86 Premium MT worthy of its own Instagram account…but how could […]