Zamzah and Vapulear are the $50,000 Caldera Challenge CHAMPS!

Caldera Challenge Champs

The $50,000 Caldera Challenge Finals was one of the craziest Warzone tournaments we’ve ever run! After one of the longest bracket runs of the event, Zamzah and Vapulear rose victorious.

We’ve seen some sweaty competitions in our day, but man, oh, man nothing compares to the Caldera Challenge Finals! It’s all been leading up to this, and the players did not disappoint.

Thirty-two (32) teams dropped into Caldera for a 2v2 kill race and brought their A-game. But it was ultimately these two who dug in, kept grinding out kills, and came out on top.

Caldera Challenge Champs: Zamzah and Vapulear – $20,000

Here’s Vapulear in action:

Warzone duos climbed the brackets, each representing a region of North, South, East or West. The winner of their respective region won $5,000 each team ($20,000 total). Those regional winners then faced off against their directional opposite, i.e. East vs. West and North vs. South Regions. The winners of these competitions took home $5,000 each.

  • North Bracket Champions: Huskerrs and Newbz – $5,000
  • East Bracket Champions: Supersoka and Mayappo_ – $5,000
  • South Bracket Champions: Apathy and Slacked – $5,000
  • West Bracket Champions: Zamzah and Vapulear – $5,000

Well, played, sirs, well played. You can check out all the brackets HERE. Missed the action? Watch the replay on the BoomTV Twitch channel!

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