Zamzah and Vapulear are the $50,000 Caldera Challenge CHAMPS!

The $50,000 Caldera Challenge Finals was one of the craziest Warzone tournaments we’ve ever run! After one of the longest bracket runs of the event, Zamzah and Vapulear rose victorious. We’ve seen some sweaty competitions in our day, but man, oh, man nothing compares to the Caldera Challenge Finals! It’s all been leading up to […]

LAST CHANCE – Enter Your $5,000 Caldera Challenge Pick’ems!

To help celebrate our Caldera Challenge Finals on March 29th, BoomTV and Ultpicks are letting you fans in on the action. Correctly predict which teams will win each round – you could win up to $1,000! Here’s how to enter the Caldera Challenge Pick’ems – It’s FREE! Open to participants aged 13+. Go HERE. Select […]

Here’s Who Moves On to the $50,000 Caldera Challenge Finals

Thirty-two teams duked it out in the BoomTV Caldera Challenge Qualifier 3. See which players rose to the top and which teams will move onto the $50,000 Finals! Nearly 100 teams have dropped into Caldera to battle their way toward a $15,000 prize pool and their chance at the Finals. It’s been a wild ride […]

Which Duos Will Survive Caldera THIS Time?

The second qualifier for our $50,000 Warzone Caldera Challenge is on! Watch the sweatiest, fastest, sneakiest, shooting-est Warzone players compete for a $15,000 prize pool and their spot in the finals. Caldera Challenge Qualifier Two (2) Duos Begins Tuesday, March 8, 2022 @ noon PST. Tune in on the official BoomTV Twitch Channel or any […]