Here’s Who Moves On to the $50,000 Caldera Challenge Finals

Caldera Challenge BoomTV

Thirty-two teams duked it out in the BoomTV Caldera Challenge Qualifier 3. See which players rose to the top and which teams will move onto the $50,000 Finals!

Nearly 100 teams have dropped into Caldera to battle their way toward a $15,000 prize pool and their chance at the Finals. It’s been a wild ride and we’ve seen some truly talented people pull off some truly impressive plays. As always, only the top teams will rise and move on to face off in the big event.

The Caldera Challenge Qualifier 3 ended with Tommey and Almxnd in first place. Congrats, bois! Second place went to JoeWo and bbreadman, with Jukeyz and fifakill taking third.

Now, the top sixty-four (64) teams from all three qualifiers will face off in the $50,000 Caldera Challenge Finals on March 29th.

Caldera Challenge Finals Teams:

Qualifier One

  • zSmit + Aydan
  • Braalik + exzachtt
  • Rated + EmSage
  • Swagg + GD_Booya
  • Apathy + Slacked
  • Intechs + stukawaki
  • NobuSpartan + AyzenLr
  • ZLaner + Destroy

Qualifier Two

  • SuperEvan + DiazBiffle
  • itzwarz + Skullface49
  • HisokaT42 + ??
  • Blazt + MuTeX
  • Xamzah + Vapulear
  • kwrky_ + envailed_
  • Lunun + Robstar
  • UnrationaL + ScummN

Qualifier Three

  • Tommey + Almxnd
  • JoeWo + bbreadman
  • Jukeyz + Fifakill
  • kenrosey + zColorss
  • QueenBitty + FinessenTV
  • HusKerrs + newbz
  • OakleyBoiii + almightytjm
  • Cely + itsEyeQew


Who will dominate the battlefield and emerge victorious? You’ll just have to watch and find out! Stay tuned for updates and as always, never miss a tournament on the official BoomTV Twitch channel.

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