๐Ÿ‘‘ All Hail the Winning Women of Warzone!

Women of Warzone BoomTV

Twenty-five female trios dropped into Warzone today and showed the world how deadly they could be. Find out who rose victorious in the BoomTV Women of Warzone tournament.

March is Women’s History Month. Here at BoomTV, we are lucky to work so many talented female gamers every month, often every week. But what a great excuse to throw an all-girl tournament! We’re always happy to lift up women in the gaming, casting, and content creation spaces.

Women of Warzone pitted twenty-five (25) female trios against one another in five Mini Royale custom games. In addition to prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, each map winner took home another stackable $300.

Women of Warzone Champs: Cely’s Team!

Women of Warzone winners

Here are the Top 10 Teams:

Women of Warzone leaderboard

As you can see, Team Cely dominated, but the other teams gave them a run for their (literal) money! It was a really fun tournament to organize and witness first-hand. Check out this clip, in which our champs win two maps back-to-back!

We also want to give a HUGE SHOUTOUT to the always informative and entertaining casters of our event, Katie Bedford and Spidertiff.

Women of Warzone casters Katie Bedford and Spidertiff

Missed the action? Check out the full replay on our Twitch channel and Twitter for clips and other content surrounding our events.

Thanks to everyone who participated. LET’S GO LADIES!!

Want to organize your own event like this one? We make it easy! Head HERE to get started or contact us for larger, higher production and/or sponsored tournaments. Got crazy ideas? We gotchu, fam.

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