Yaargh! These Be Yer Sea of Thieves Captains! ☠

Captain on deck! Polish that eye patch, grab that rum and get ready as these five Sea of Thieves captains take on the $35,000 Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational. On Friday, April 1, 2022, Microsoft, Rare, and BoomTV are proud to host a swashbuckling tournament to remember. Five invited captains choose their own crews […]

Who Should Win This SICK Minecraft PC?!

The Xbox Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational featured a crazy Minecraft escape room that had 16 teams jumping, screaming, failing, trying again, and ultimately succeeding with Team Illumina on top. It was a seriously fun event, and we want to reward the CRAFTIEST moments in the game with something special – a custom Minecraft-themed […]