Which Duos Will Survive Caldera THIS Time?

Warzone Caldera Challenge

The second qualifier for our $50,000 Warzone Caldera Challenge is on! Watch the sweatiest, fastest, sneakiest, shooting-est Warzone players compete for a $15,000 prize pool and their spot in the finals.

Caldera Challenge Qualifier Two (2) Duos Begins Tuesday, March 8, 2022 @ noon PST. Tune in on the official BoomTV Twitch Channel or any of the player channels below.

The top 8 duos will qualify for the $50,000 finals on March 29th. Here’s who’s up in the Warzone tournament tomorrow:

Team One (1):

Warzone Caldera Challenge Jukeyz

Team Two (2):

Team Three (3):

Team Four (4):

Team Five (5):

Team Six (6):

Team Seven (7):

Team Eight (8):

Team Nine (9):

Team Ten (10):

Team Eleven (11):

Team Twelve (12):

Team Thirteen (13):

Team Fourteen (14):

Team Fifteen (15):

Team Sixteen (16):

A total of 32 duo teams will drop into Warzone Caldera. You can view the entire bracket HERE. The second half will be:

Team Seventeen (17):

Team Eighteen (18):

Team Nineteen (19):

Team Twenty (20):

Team Twenty-One (21):

Team Twenty-Two (22):

Team Twenty-Three (23):

Team Twenty-Four (24):

Team Twenty-Five (25):

Team Twenty-Six (26):

Team Twenty-Seven (27):

Team Twenty-Eight (28):

Team Twenty-Nine):

Team Thirty (30):

Team Thirty-One (31):

Team Thirty-Two (32):

Team rosters are subject to change without notice. Be sure to cheer on your favorite teams and clip the best moments from the qualifier. Nominate your favorite clip for Clip of the Week by sharing it with us on Twitter and tagging #BoomTVClipoftheWeek!

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