AVGL Academy Students Run East Coast Spring Showdown

East Coast Spring Showdown

East Coast Spring Showdown, the first student-run tournament of AVGL Academy, was a huge success thanks to the exceptional young people who ran it. From ideation to execution, this team went above and beyond despite their hectic schedules and blew all our expectations out of the water.

American Video Game League (AVGL) launched its first hands-on esports boot camp in February. Twenty-four students were selected to participate in a five-week program and learn how to run a real esports tournament from start to finish. At the end of their bootcamp, students were divided into teams and given an esports event to run on their own.

The Assignment: Run East Coast Spring Showdown

A two-day Overwatch tournament open to high school and college students ages 13+ on the East Coast of the U.S. and Canada. 

The Team:

Mitra “VictxriaRxse” from Manheim Township High School, Pennsylvania

Danil “Bones” from Hershey High School, Pennsylvania

Sai “Zeets” from Susquehanna High School, Pennsylvania

Right off the bat, Mitra stepped up as a natural leader for the team. She was observed following through and using exceptional communication skills to make sure tasks were completed. She even stayed up late just to make sure her emails were prepped for the following morning. Danil provided strong support, and Sai used his network of colleges to generate interest among students.

In just one week, this dynamic team used their newly acquired skills in project management to set the gears in motion. Juggling an already hectic student and personal schedule, Mitra, Danil, and Sai reached out to over 100 schools and went from 30 registered players to 300 in just a week.

These students came up with their own marketing plans for East Coast Spring Showdown and implemented them. It was showtime on April 23rd and 24th – thanks to their combined efforts, Mitra, Danil, and Sai hosted a scholastic tournament with roughly 250 players! That included administrative duties on the tournament discord helping students check-in, learn the rules, etc.

We couldn’t be more proud! Their respective high schools – Manheim Township, Hershey, and Susquehanna have three, very talented young students representing them. Since the tournament concluded, Mitra has continued her leadership efforts, assisting other teams wherever needed.

Students Lead the Future of Esports

At AVGL, we have a saying: “Esports doesn’t start with us, it starts with you.” AVGL Academy was founded because we believe that scholastic esports should prepare students for real-life career applications.

This five-week bootcamp taught students communication, planning, problem solving, scheduling, and so much more. Several of the AVGL Academy students even organized their own in-person meet-up!

To learn more about AVGL Academy and how you can participate in the Class of 2022, please visit: https://bit.ly/Fall2022AVGLAcademy

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