QueueUP Partner Program

Why become a QPartner?

We want to support pros and creators to empower their communities and get paid with QueueUP.

Get rewarded for enhancing your community with our QPartner program.

What is the QPartner program?

The QPartner program is designed for pros and creators to be able to get paid by engaging with their communities in ways that have been previously difficult or impossible. As a QPartner, you have the ability to create paid play sessions and coaching sessions in real time that allow your community the chance to play with you.

Unique Branding

• Custom URL for your page

• Front and center profile fit to your brand

• Custom-made graphics for your socials


• Partner badge on your profile

• Top placement on the QueueUP website

• Opportunity to be featured in campaigns

Partner-only perks

• $500 match on orders (Jan-Feb)
• First invite to QueueUP events

• Unrestricted rate for orders

Meet our Partners

Whether you’re a top player promoting tips and tricks to your community on how to improve or a laid-back community that creates a chill environment for your fans, becoming a QPartner can improve the ways you engage with your community.


What does it take to be a QueueUP Partner?

We look for aspiring pros and content creators that are enthusiastic about interacting with their communities. We want to support and grow with y’all – our top QPartners are seen by thousands of users every day and we’re looking to provide an experience that allows you to grow your audience and your stream revenues.

What are the qualifiers to become a QPartner?

While there are exceptions, is looking for pros and creators who average at least 25 viewers on a live broadcast or that receive 1000 or more views on regular (at least weekly) VOD content.

What perks does my community get from this?

Your community will get more opportunities to interact with you! Whether you’re interested in 1 on 1 group sessions or opening your lobbies to your viewers, QueueUP is the way for creators’ communities to interact seamlessly.

What perks do I get from this?

Aside from everything listed earlier, is always working on new ways to engage our QPartners and their communities. Make sure to join our Discord after being accepted to join the QPartner community.

More questions?

How to Apply to become a QPartner

Step 1

Create an account on QueueUP by going to this page and following the steps. Once your account is created, make sure to add the games and services you’re looking to participate with. Additionally, make sure to connect your phone or your discord account to receive notifications about incoming orders and updates to your account.

Step 2

Once your account is created, send a DM to our Twitter account with the following information:

• Name (First and Last)
• Link to your primary content channel (Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, etc.)
• Link to your QueueUP profile (can be found by clicking “My QBuddy Profile” at the top of the QueueUP website)

Done ~ what’s next?

Partnership with QueueUP is not guaranteed, but we’re always looking for the next top communities on our platform. If you’ve followed the steps above, your application will be reviewed within the next 48 hours and you’ll receive a response on if you’re eligible. Acceptance is based on many factors and may vary depending on your channel statistics and content.

Ready to start?