Bonus Prizing for your Events

Follow the guidelines here or read below to find out how to claim event support for your club!


AVGL is offering event support to esports clubs throughout the Fall 2020 semester! Unlike traditional event support which normally features physical products, AVGL will be offering cash in the form of Amazon gift cards to be used for school club events. Clubs are limited to one event support per semester, so use it wisely!

Application Process

To gain access to AVGL Event Support one person, usually a club leader or college esports director should create a hub on AVGL. Once your hub is setup, create an event on AVGL on your hub page and fill out this form. Event support will be limited to one school per semester and at the discretion of the AVGL staff.

Getting Started with Hubs

  1. Create/Request a hub – 
    • If you believe some else has already created a hub for your school please message a community leader in the AVGL Discord to become an admin
    • If you need help creating a hub follow this link:
  2. Create an event for your hub
    • When on your hub page, click the red button that says ‘create event’
    • Add any admins that are helping run the event
    • To make changes go to ‘My Admin’ under your account
  3. Fill out this google form:
    • Once you successfully submit the form a team member will reach out to you to approve your event for support


  1. You must make at least 1 announcement post about the event
  2. “Follow” AVGL’s Discord announcement channels to your school Discord


Now that you’ve gotten your event setup and approved, it’s important you do everything in your power to make it a successful event! Here’s a list of everything you must do in order to claim event support.

  1. Promote your event
    • Your event doesn’t need to be restricted to your club members. You can keep it as restricted or open as you want to.
  2. Meet the registration goal you set
    • If you don’t make the registration goal you set you set you have two options
      • Postpone your event to try and gain more participation
      • Claim a lower event support package that matches your participation
  3. Market your event on social media and tag @AVGLOfficial or use the hashtag #AVGLassists

During the event

Once you start your event be sure everything runs smoothly. If you run into any trouble find an admin in the AVGL Discord who can help you. We want to make sure your event runs as smoothly as possible for you and your attendees!

  1. Announce on social media that your event has started.
    • Brownie points if you are streaming it!
  2. Post clips and highlights throughout the event using #AVGLAssists
    • If you choose to do this, we will share your posts for additional views!


After the event is complete please fill out this post-event form:

Once we verify you completed all of the tasks above and met your goals you will receive the payout.

Brownie Points!

Completing these actions will not give you any extra rewards but we will be very grateful for your support as we support you!

  1. Stream the event
  2. Add the AVGL logo on the overlay
  3. Add the AVGL logo in a panel
  4. Add “powered by AVGL” in your graphics or event title

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