How to Play Clash of Trivia

Ready to show off your knowledge? Here’s how to play Clash of Trivia on Team Games like a pro: The Basics When the Outing round starts, you’ll get to choose your avatar and a name. You can choose a computer-generated name or enter your own. Once your opponent has finished making their selections, the game […]

How to Play Unblock-It

Unblock-It is a puzzle game that challenges the mind by forcing the player to think a few steps ahead at all times. Here’s how to play Unblock-It on Team Games like a pro. Don’t Get Blocked The goal of Unblock-It is to arrange the blocks in a way that allows the colored block to exit. […]


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How to Play Mini Golf Adventures

Mini Golf Adventures is like having your own private miniature golf course! Here’s how to play Mini Golf Adventures like a pro: Players needed: 1 Taking the Shot To put (hit) the ball, press the ball with your finger (on mobile) or click and hold the ball on desktop. Still holding the ball, slide back […]