Intel Inspires Returns Bigger Than Ever!

intel inspires 2022

AVGL and Intel have teamed up for its third Intel Inspires event, now with Rocket League, Overwatch 2, LAN Championships, and LIVE Summit!

Attention student gamers, coaches, and school admins! The most impactful scholastic event returns in 2022-2033 with even more opportunities for growth, education, and recruitment. Since its inception, Intel Inspires has attracted 18,000+ student gamers and awarded $500k in scholarships and prizing.

What’s New in 2022

🎓This October, high school and college students across the United States and Canada will have the opportunity to compete in Rocket League and Overwatch 2 tournaments, leading up to the LAN Championship in April 2023. Each tournament includes regional qualifiers, wild card qualifiers, national championship and LAN. Only the top two teams from each tournament will compete at the live LAN Championship.

🎓Educators will have the opportunity to earn a grant towards developing an existing esports program or to create a new one.

🎓The Intel Inspires educational esports summit, to be held in April 2023, will feature some of the biggest leaders in scholastic esports and strive to unite educators from across North America. Intel Inspires will develop K-12 and collegiate level discussions, providing any educator the opportunity to learn best practices for growing esports and professional programs through keynote speakers, networking events, and group discussions.

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Go HERE to learn more about Intel Inspires, apply for grants and scholarships, and register!

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